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Made of 100% high-grade, durable food-grade silicone.  Fits all GAS Blackstone 22" models which include models:  2061, 1813, 1860, 1860B, 1935, 1666, 1967, 1813, 1968
Does NOT fit Blackstone E-Series Electric Griddles

Grydlmat Pro: 22" for Blackstone Griddles

SKU: GM2201
  • Patent pending.
    Made of 100% food-grade heat-resistant silicone.

    Grydlmat's primary focus is to provide a clean, ready-to-go cooking surface from mice, ants, earwigs, pests and debris. When Grydlmat is used along with other proper griddle care techniques, such as cleaning well and applying oil to a cool and dry surface, it can help prevent moisture and oxygen from accessing the griddle top. Grydlmat is not a replacement or "catch-all" solution for improper care of a griddle. 

    Designed and engineered in the USA. Manufactured in China.

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